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The Key To Being Lucky Is Bravely Taking Chances

The Key To Being Lucky Is Bravely Taking Chances

“In order to achieve anything in life we have to take positive, calculated risks.” – Angela Barnard – Coach, Author, Speaker


March may be the month where we look for the luck of the Irish to give us what we want, but maybe it should be the month where we learn to make our own luck and success from a willingness to take more chances in our lives.

You can feel great—and have a great life—from doing things that are challenging, new, or even a bit scary.

Risky Doesn’t Have To Mean Crazy

“Risk-taking, simply defined, is just making a decision where there is an uncertain outcome. Which means you’re taking a risk when you are placing your bet on that craps roll or just deciding whether or not to have that third cup of coffee in the morning,” says a recent FoxNews.com article, “The Health Benefits Of Taking Risks.”

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to go sky diving, ski jumping, or running with the bulls. “But since risk is part and parcel of every single decision you make every single day, even small risks can offer big benefits to your health and well-being,” states Fox News.

The point is to do something, anything, that is out of your comfort zone and/or where you can’t reasonably predict what will happen.

How Risk Helps Us Grow

We can hope that we get lucky by finding a four-leaf clover or the leprechaun and his pot of gold, but we’re more likely to get the things we want by swallowing our fear and taking a chance when it presents itself.

The site InspireForLife.com shares some important ways that taking chances helps us grow.

  • It helps us become brave. – Taking a risk reduces fear and strengthens our natural courage. This allows us to take action instead of hiding.
  • It creates options and possibilities. – “We attempt in vain to imagine the possible outcome but it is not until we set creation in motion with risk that new opportunities and possibilities avail themselves to us,” says Inspire For Life.
  • It toughens us up and builds self-confidence. – Most likely, we’ll fail a few times before we succeed. The act of taking the chance helps us develop the resilience to keep trying after each failure and to become confident in our ability to eventually succeed.

What we need to remember is that we grow as much from failure as we do from success. And sometimes the reward of our risk-taking is simply how good we feel about actually having taken the chance, rather than a specific result we did or didn’t achieve, whether we’re working on weight loss, finding a new job, or starting a new relationship.

“Take a few risks and see where it might take you,” says Fox News.  “It will not only confer some amazing experiences (and a good bit of fun)—but will also help you learn to better manage your stress, make healthier choices, and, ultimately, make smarter decisions as you make your way through life.”


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