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Love Yourself Enough to Make Better Choices

Love Yourself Enough to Make Better Choices


The month of February has become the time of year when we show people close to us how much we love them. It can also be a good time to assess how much we love and care for ourselves, because whether we think so or not, this determines how well we’re able to love and care for others.

Do we love ourselves enough to do the things that will help us live a long and healthy life?

The Choice Of Self-Acceptance

More and more studies are showing a link between how we see ourselves and our resulting physical health. In a recent article, Naturopath Dr. Doni Wilson discusses this and shares information from author and researcher Dr. Brené Brown.

According to Dr. Brown, deciding that we’re worthy and lovable can be the key to better health, including weight loss. Dr. Wilson puts it this way:

“And so, as we embrace this way of being that involves seeing ourselves as worthy and loved as we are and apply this to our bodies as well as to ourselves, a different set of options become available to us. Instead of fighting with our body to get it to do as we wish, we now see that it is when we accept what our body needs and aim to give it what it needs that we work with, instead of against, ourselves. And our health begins to improve.”

In working with her patients, Dr. Wilson found that low self-acceptance increases something called oxidative stress which can create a number of health issues. As patients chose to love and accept themselves, their oxidative stress levels decreased and their health began to improve.

So now there’s scientific evidence that it’s healthier to choose to love yourself just as you are, and go from there.

Food Choice Decisions

By now most of know how to eat to be healthier: control portion sizes, reduce fat, eat more veggies, drink lots of water. But sometimes those choices feel really difficult and we fall off the wagon.

That’s ok. Start by accepting that you made a choice and then choose to start again. To gain a different perspective on healthful eating, try some of these tips shared by certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor Cassie Phillips in a recent article on her site Habitude Fitness.

Eat Like You Love Yourself!

  1. Eat for energy and performance, not comfort.
  2. Don’t skip a meal; skip sugar and junk.
  3. Food is energy, not the enemy.
  4. Know what YOUR body needs.
  5. Progress not perfection.
  6. Be an example for family and friends.
  7. Work on your bad habits but don’t be too hard on yourself.
  8. Know when the splurge is worth it, and enjoy it!
  9. Measure success in many ways, not just the scale.
  10. Be patient.

Given enough time and practice, making healthy choices becomes a self-fulfilling process: we start to love ourselves enough to make better choices and then we keep making those healthy choices because we’ve learned to love ourselves.


Let’s make this February the time to take the first step forward.


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