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You’re Not Done Once You Lose The Weight

You’re Not Done Once You Lose The Weight

You made the commitment. You stayed on track. You overcame temptations. You changed bad habits. And you hit your goal weight!

If you’re suddenly feeling a little disoriented because there’s no longer that goal in front of you to keep you motivated, you’re not alone. Most people feel better and function better when there’s a goal in front of them. Once you hit a goal, it’s hard to know what to do next.

Let Go Of “Before and After”

A recent blog on the site Nerd Fitness says one way to gain direction is to stop thinking in terms of “Before and After” and instead go to “Before and Now,” because “we are never truly done.  There’s always a bigger mountain to climb, another race to run, another goal to achieve.”

Look at your new, healthy life as “now” rather than “after the weight loss.” In this now period, you can find new goals to keep you just as healthy and motivated as you were in your diet phase.

Binge On Progress

Studies have shown that any kind of “win” releases dopamine into our system, which makes us want to keep progressing and feeling great. It can even make us smarter, says this article.

As humans, says Nerd Fitness, “We love making progress so much that we can actually enjoy it more than getting the thing we wanted in the first place! It doesn’t need to be big progress, it just needs to be enough that we realize we are moving forward, improving….it’s why we play a game long after it’s ceased being enjoyable just to get that 100% completion trophy.”

So now it’s about finding new goals to focus on that keep us achieving and living in a healthy way. You’re making a switch from how you look to how your feel, what you can do, and what you can learn.

Set New Goals

When you start working on new goals other than weight loss, your body will still strive to grow stronger and look better.

There are lots of possibilities. You just have to find the right ones that work for you. For example, if you can’t touch your toes, consider more flexibility as a goal. What about building your strength with weights or improving your endurance by running? Now that you’re fit, is there a sport you always wanted to try but didn’t because of weight and body issues? Perhaps ballroom dancing or martial arts are your cup of tea.

And your goals don’t all have to be physical. Take a woodworking course or learn how to create a website. No goal is too big or too small. The idea is to stay motivated about living your best life and achieving whatever you set out to accomplish.

Remember that hitting your weight loss goal is not the end. It’s just the beginning of a new “now” where you get to become your full healthy self.


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