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The Why Weight transformation program was constructed by creating a structured eating protocol tailored for your body’s needs based on a variety of factors including your metabolism, appetite and hormones. During the consultation, you will be given a reading of what your body is lacking and changes that need to be made. From this information, specific weight loss drops will be given to you that will enhance your weight loss along with an eating protocol. This entire program consists of three phases, also known as Lose it, Learn it, and Live it.


There are 3 Phases to the Program – Each phase builds on the previous phase and is crucial for permanent weight loss since we are resetting the hypothalamus, your personal weight set-point, the metabolism and hormones, and your lifestyle.
This eating protocol was originally created in the 1950’s. It has been proven over the years to not disturb hormonal balance.


PHASE 1 – Get ready to LOSE IT

In this phase you will be taking the Calorie Carrier formula three times a day,weighing yourself each morning, texting with your coach, and keeping track of your water intake. You will be following the structured eating part of the program, which will be fully explained to you, with a complete listing of allowable foods that will get you into fat burning mode. You will be steadily losing weight during this 40 day period.



This phase may be the most important of all the phases. This is where you reset your metabolism, weight set point, hormonal balance, and your hypothalamus. During these 3 weeks, you will stay within two pounds of your new weight. You will be instructed on how to incorporate a wider range of foods that allows for more variety, keep weighing yourself, and texting your coach daily. Staying connected is an important part of your success!



These next three weeks introduce the eating habits you will maintain for the rest of your life.
In this phase you begin to eat normally; you can add starches and vegetables and fruits that were not previously allowed. However, you do not want to go back to the eating habits that led you to being overweight. As you have learned by now, you MUST change your eating habit

As you introduce more variety into your diet, and larger amounts of food, weighing yourself will help keep you on track. During this phase, your challenge is to find the foods that may present an obstacle to your goal of remaining thin and healthy for the rest of your life.

We expect you to find this program to be the most powerful and rewarding weight loss program ever! You can remain living as a thin and healthy individual. We call this a transformation program. If you are on prescription medications, you may want to visit your doctor to see if any adjustments need to be made. Many people find that this program balances and corrects conditions as your body returns to health.

* Individual results may vary.

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