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Using Holistic Practices To Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Using Holistic Practices To Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Changing how we eat (either on our own or with the help of a program) helps us lose weight, and exercising can improve our overall physical health. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy.

If you’re doing all the “right” things but still struggle to reach your weight goals, consider taking a whole-person, or holistic, approach to losing weight.

How It Works

As you work on losing weight, holistic practices can help you discover and work through any physical, psychological, or social factors making it hard for you to stay on track.

According to the article 7 Holistic Techniques for Losing Weight by Per Wickstrom, holistic practices can uncover the answers to important questions such as why you struggle with portions and how you can eat in a healthier way. “Discovering the answers to these questions can help you avoid undesirable patterns that prevent you from achieving an optimal weight,” says the article.

Strategies And Practices

Here are some specific ways to approach weight loss with your whole self in mind.

  1. Observe Yourself – Studies show that regular self-monitoring has a positive effect on weight loss. This includes regularly recording what you eat in a journal or recording the steps you take each day.
  2. Meditate – This practice helps you become more aware of how food is filling emotional needs. It makes you a mindful eater, i.e. gets you paying attention to when you’re truly hungry or full and helps your mind stays focused on the eating experience.
  3. Create Positive Food Messages – Try not to punish yourself for your food choices or use food for self-control. Instead, repeat positive phrases such as “I’m in control of what I eat; I can get past this craving; I love myself for eating well today.” Reframe your relationship with food as a source of health rather than an enemy.
  4. Consider Coaching – Talk with someone who cares about your weight-loss goals as much as you do. At Why Weight, we’re in touch with our clients daily to help keep them on track and get them over any roadblocks that arise. We believe that staying connected is an important part of your success!

Choosing What Works

Experiment with the different methods to find the particular holistic techniques that work best for you.

Through the holistic health approach, you embrace yourself as a complete person who is more than numbers on a scale. It’s another way to obtain the focus and clarity to reach your weight loss and health goals, particularly if you’ve been struggling.

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