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If You Want to Succeed in Weight Loss, Do These 3 Things…

If You Want to Succeed in Weight Loss, Do These 3 Things…

You want to succeed with your weight loss goal, right? Of course you do! So, follow these three tips to help you get there.

1. Stay accountable.

Accountability is key to accomplishing any goal, so it goes without saying it’s also vitally important as you embark on a weight loss journey. In a WebMD article, Kenneth Schwarz, PhD, asserts, “In the realm of dieting, there is evidence that social support is a positive factor influencing weight loss.”

Finding someone who will be your accountability partner can do wonders for your weight loss. But remember – this is about accountability – you’re not necessarily looking for someone to be your best friend (you know, like that friend who tells you there’s no reason for you to shed any weight). You’re looking for someone who will be supportive and will offer suggestions to keep you on the right track.

2. Change your perspectives.

You know what they say – change your attitude, change your life! Are you setting a weight loss goal for someone else, or because you feel like you “have to”? Or are you doing it for you?

When you do something for yourself instead of being directed by someone else, you’re more likely to have the motivation to get you going – and to keep going when you feel challenged or ready to give up.

Think about all the reasons you want to be energetic and healthy – feel them – feel the reality of all those fabulous reasons! Envision yourself fitting into all your clothes, feeling zesty and vibrant, having the energy you need to move through your day with ease…get creative with this – have fun!

3. Investigate and implement the strategies that work for you.

There are literally countless diets out there, many of which you may have already tried. Most experts agree that there is no single, one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss – you have to find the strategies and tools that work best for your body and fit your individual lifestyle.ID-100101222

Don’t forget to use apps to help you succeed, too! At my upcoming webinar, I’ll tell you my personal recommendations for the best weight loss apps out there. For now, check out this site with 25 top apps that can help hold you accountable throughout your journey.

We all face challenges, especially so when we’re working on a weight loss goal. Wherever you are on your own path, remember this:

  • I can’t do it. YES, I CAN do it!
  • One more bite, just this once. I’m already full; I have all that I need to thrive.
  • I don’t want to do it. Bring it on, I’m ready!
  • Ugh, do I have to do this? I WANT to do this – for myself!
  • I’ll start my diet tomorrow. Today is THE day change happens!

If you want more practical tips and perspectives on how to make your weight loss goal lasting and successful, be sure to join us for our free webinar 4/26, Let’s Talk Sugar and Water: Get Health Wise with WW Coach Eliot! Sign up right here.



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